When you become a college student

How to Party in College & Do Your Academic Assignments When you become a college student you feel like the whole world of interesting events and joy lies ahead for you.

Making first steps on this journey toward independence young people feel like chicks that finally have left their nest and wait for bright future and millions of possibilities.

Setting Out For a Little College Party

College students start living far from home for the first time in their life and freedom can easily turn the heads of some youngsters. They party all the time forgetting that the actual reason to come to college was getting education. Or on the contrary there are some students willing to have the best marks so much that they forget about having fun completely and spend all their time in library with loads of books.

They turn their student life in boring routine and risk having no bright memories from the best time in their life. It is not easy to find the balance between having active social life and good results while studying in college.В That is why the most important thing to do when you get to college is to learn how to find time for studying and fun without damaging any of them.

Time Management

If you want to have time for everything you should learn how to manage the time given for you in the most effective way. Getting some experience in the magic art of time management is exactly what you need.
Don’t procrastinate so that you have a semester’s worth of tasks to complete in the last weeks/days/hours of the semester. Start working on your research paper as soon as possible. One of the secrets of time management that can help you is to spend a definite short period of time for working on the same task every day. For example every day you should spend 20 minutes for collecting and analyzing information for your research paper.

Do it with the help of timer and stop exactly when it shows the time you stuck to. It is easy to find 10-20 minutes every day and you will not even notice how the easily task will be completed! This method helps to achieve long- term goals without spending hours sitting at your desk and trying to make yourself continue work when you are exhausted.

Another helpful technique is making a schedule for every day. It sounds boring but it really works! Make a plan for every day and stick to it strictly. When you know you should do exact thing at an exact time you have no chances to forget about it and find out at 11 pm that you have e.g. one more essay to write.

Finish all the tasks in your schedule list and go out without having any possibility of finding out you forget about an important task 5 minutes before the time to hand it in. Learn how to use this effective skill in your life and in a short period of time it will become automatic.В Being sure you have done everything and have no more duties will make you relaxed and enjoy the parties at their best.

Setting Your Academic Priorities

Studying should come first but it doesnt mean you should have no social life. It is all about choosing the most important things and learning how to set priorities.

If you friend is planning a big party on Saturday night it is not the best idea to go out every day during the week if you have a lot of work to do. Stay at home during the week and complete all the necessary tasks. In such a way your grades will remain on the proper level and you will still have time to have fun on your friends party.

If your best friend has a birthday at the end of academic year a few weeks before the time you should present your research paper, think how to manage to not miss the party of the year and still get a good grade for the paper. Work on the paper during the year without putting it off all the time and then you will be able to go to your friends party without any remorse. Think of the number of entertainments you can miss because of your laziness, it will motivate you!

Benefit from having a little College Party!

Use these tips to find time for partying:

  • Get good sleep. Partying requires as much energy as studying does. To be successful at both of them sleep enough to recharge your brain and have a lot of energy;
  • Eat plenty of healthy energetic foods to stay fit and ready for new challenges and adventures;
  • Work hard, play harder. Concentrate on the work you should do in order to have more fun afterwards;
  • While going out with friends dont talk about college even if you are class mates. Spare time is for having fun and discussing something more interesting than your fail on Math test. Distract yourself from every day routine and let your mind take a rest.
  • Spend your free time during classes in collage for completing the task you are supposed to do at home. In such a way you will save your time out of college for something entertaining;
  • Going to the parties with a friend you consider sane is a brilliant idea. He will be the one able to remind you its too late to continue the party and help control the situation;
  • Save Saturdays and Sundays for parties by doing weekend homework on Friday;

Stay organized and dont be lazy. It applies both to having fun and studying. Sometimes an idea of lying all day long on the couch in pajamas watching movies and eating tones of candies sounds attractive. But if there is an opportunity to spend this day out with a nice company choose the last one. Use every chance to get bright impressions and memories to have what to tell your grandchildren in your old age.

Even if you are a goody-goody and always aim yourself to get straight As it doesnt mean you should spend the best years of your life locked in the room with surrounded by books. Having fun is necessary for keeping your mind sound and refreshing yourself. A Little college party never killed anyone!